The 180 Rule Turns on the Light Bulbs at a Public Utility by Al Lucia

Every organization has a couple of naysayers even at the very top of the organization. They are not troublemakers, just hard to convince of certain things. This can especially be the case when it comes to the people side of the business.
So … The 180 Rule has been used to gain consensus with subjects or initiatives where results are difficult to measure. Some call this the “soft stuff”. I call it the “essential stuff.

This is an example using The 180 Rule process to turn the light bulbs on with the entire senior management team:
Define the objective: To have better accountability among first line leaders.
What would we do if we wanted to fail? (1) Not include people skills in our training of first line leaders (2) Only hold leaders accountable for energy generation (3) Have higher level leaders do a bad job of role modeling effective people skills
Which of these are we doing in our perception? (1) and (2) Above
Which of these are we doing in the perception of our first line leaders? (3)
Which of these are we doing in the perception of our employees/team members? (1) (2) and (3) – according to employee surveys and focus group inputs.

What is key here is the establishment of what is desirable by ALL top leaders and opening a discussion of how to get there given perceptions that might as well be (and they were in this case) facts.

Of course once the light bulb comes on the work is just beginning but The 180 Rule can bring consensus and focus.

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Author: Al Lucia
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