The 180 Rule Leads to Solutions



The 180 Rule concept was pioneered by Rich and Al Lucia. Having spent years advising business leaders on how to find clear cut solutions for improvement, they decided to look into the scientific roots to explore how people can use their natural, instinctual tendencies to their advantage. The key to success is in the thought process. Stop trying to retrain your brain and fight your instinctual behavior. Learn how to use your natural tendencies to drive success.

“A simple, practical continuous improvement methodology which helps people avoid blind spots and ruts. I have successfully used the 180 Rule many times – it absolutely works!”Brian Gareau, President Brian Gareau, Inc.

“The 180 rule allows its readers to use their existing ability to find the answers they seek to create and keep their plans on track for success.”Pete Berol, Executive Director of Marketing & President of Red Stone Management Systems, Inc.

“The 180 rule is a fascinating new concept and is a dream for problem solvers. It keeps you on track to accomplish any mission.”Rick Simmons, Simmons Online Solutions