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The 180 Rule to Achieve Success


The 180 Rule — Using a Natural Phenomenon to Achieve Success

This newly released series of EBooks demonstrates how the science behind the Negativity Bias can be used to drive personal and professional success.  Covering a range of key topics, each book in the series focuses on the expertise of a nationally recognized expert who shares their knowledge and experience using the 180 Rule in their field.

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania – February 10, 2014 - The 180 Rule concept was pioneered by Rich and Al Lucia. Having spent years advising business leaders searching for clear cut solutions for improvement, Messrs. Lucia decided to look to scientific roots and explore how people can use their natural, instinctual tendencies to their advantage.  In researching these roots, they discovered that since the late 1940’s, studies have been conducted to explore a fascinating behavioral trait called the Negativity Bias.  Published in 2001 in the Review of General Psychology, psychologists Roy F. Baumister, Ellen Bratslavsky, Kathleen Vohs, and Catrin Finkenauer discovered that negative experiences have a far greater impact on people than neutral or positive experiences.  As a result, people are biased toward behavior that will avoid future negative experiences and are more likely to both recall and be influenced by negative over positive experiences in their past.

The 180 Rule is an innovative methodology that successfully leverages this Negativity Bias inherent in us all.  The core of the philosophy is built on identifying what one needs to do for success and then follow with identifying what they would need to do to fail.  This crystallization allows a series of steps to take place that use the Negativity Bias to ones advantage and forge a clear path to success. Using these findings as a foundation, each The 180 Rule series author applies a process that allows us to see challenges from a unique perspective and develop creative and comfortable strategies to help leaders at all levels achieve objectives and mission.  Thought leaders in the series include Nancy Powell Bartlett, The 180 Rule for Accountability; Rich Lucia, The 180 Rule for Business Development; Pat Jannausch, The 180 Rule for Employee Recognition; Tony Jeary, The 180 Rule for Getting RESULTS Faster; Bud Taylor, The 180 Rule for Innovation; Al Lucia, The 180 Rule for Leadership Coaching; Lorraine Grubbs, The 180 Rule for Loyaltizing Your Employees; Karen Cortell Reisman, The 180 Rule for Powerful Presentations, and Stu Schlackman, The 180 Rule for the Art of Coaching.  The books are available on Amazon in both print and digital form.

About Rich Lucia

Rich Lucia is the original creator of the 180 Rule and has held many top-level executive positions before deciding to “spread the word” to thousands of organizations. Rich gained his solid leadership foundation while in key positions at IBM, Sprint, ExxonMobil, Unisys and Wang Laboratories. In addition his books and articles have featured the 180 Rule as a centerpiece for effective problem solving and leadership. Rich is a seasoned presenter and consultant who uses these skills to both motivate and help organizations take steps in the implementing ideas and achieving results.

About Al Lucia

Al Lucia CSP is a nationally known speaker, consultant and author who specializes in the people side of business. Al has utilized the 180 Rule in his presentations and workshops for several years and his clients have found value in the concept. It has been especially effective when seeking maximum team involvement in solving a problem or reaching an objective. Both large and small companies benefit from his down to earth, no nonsense “Street Savvy” approach and the 180 Rule fits perfectly. Any one of the ten books Al Lucia has written connects with the 180 Rule showing its broad based application and universal value.

For more information about The 180 Rule Series, please visit or contact Rich Lucia at 610.831.5485.