A Childhood Poem – An Adult Realization by Pat Jannausch

When I was about ten years old, I wrote this little ditty:

Ever look into a soup spoon right before you dip? Yes, the image there is you – but only in the flip!

I hadn’t thought about my little poem in many years but it suddenly came to mind as I sat down to write this blog. Obviously, I must have been intrigued one day as I looked into a spoon at the dinner table. Not understanding the physics of the concave surface, I was inspired to make my observation a matter of record and thus – the poem. But now as an adult, I am surrounded by this upside-down thought process ever since I became aware of The 180 Rule. In my book in the series, The 180 Rule for Recognition, I explain how this simple approach to problem solving can make a huge difference when trying to establish an effective culture of recognition in any organization. But the value of the 180 process doesn’t stop there. It can be applied to any issue, problem or challenge you are facing. In fact, its application is limitless!

  • Wondering how to have a better relationship with your teenager? Approach it from the flip side by asking: What would I do if I wanted to have a terrible relationship with my son/daughter?
  • Looking for a way to approach a problem with your boss? First, think of what wouldn’t work and would likely make matters worse. What does that look like?
  • Stressing out over how to coach the people in your department to work more like a team? Ask yourself: What would I do if I want to ensure that teamwork was not a part of our culture? How would I discourage individuals from working towards common goals? How can I undermine the value of group accomplishments?

So, just like my upside down ten year old face reflected in a spoon inspired my little ditty, let the upside-down approach of The 180 Rule inspire your next problem-solving challenge! Take the dip – try the flip!

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Author: Pat Jannausch
The 180 Rule for Employee Recognition