The Power of Awareness – at a Time When it is Most Needed by Nancy Barlett

I bet many of you, or someone you know, have had the scary experience of being out of work now or in the recent past. And try as you might, frustration with the job hunt can turn into exhaustion and perhaps even a lack of confidence. Some of my clients have experienced that, and I have coached them to take a different approach using The 180 Rule. Just this week, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of unemployed professionals who are involved in networking, supporting each other and cheering when someone announces an upcoming interview and even better – a job offer! It was very inspiring to be among such a positive and forward-facing group of people.

I was facilitating my “Thinking and Creativity” program and introduced The 180 Rule to them as part of that presentation. I asked them to brainstorm this question: “If you wanted to completely fail at your job search, if you wanted to be completely unaccountable for finding your next opportunity, what would you do?” They dove right in and identified those actions with no hesitation! Stay home, blame the economy, blame the interviewer, don’t update the resume, don’t update our skills, do no networking whatsoever, make a lot of spelling and grammatical errors in the resume, show up late for the interview … well, you get it. There was the Negativity Bias in action. And here’s the thing: there was awareness in the room that some of those things just might be happening, particularly when there are more “No, thank you” responses than interviews scheduled. But the beauty of The 180 Rule is you discover what might have been a blind spot. You now see what you may have been doing to inadvertently hinder your progress, and you have a specific area where you can apply a fix-it attack and turn results around!

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Nancy Bartlett
Author: The 180 Rule for Accountability