180 Rule for Growth

Without question, the goal of every business and nonprofit entity is to GROW. Growth is what fuels progress, expands opportunity and inspires people. Growth is the key factor that differentiates an enduring organization from a temporary one and growth is consistently the #1 goal each year for leaders around the world. Yet, although growth is a clear priority, research consistently shows that 70 to 80 percent of all businesses fail to achieve their goals. As a result, leaders find themselves with few alternatives other than hiring high-priced consultants or trying yet another New York Times best-selling approach to strategy or execution.

What if instead of seeking external answers to their growth challenges, leaders could improve their probability of success by tapping a resource closer to home – themselves and their teams. The 180 Rule is a natural phenomenon that, inherent in each of us, provides the innovative approach leaders need.

About Jill Cohen

Is the Owner and Principal for Vine Branch Consultants, LLC, a company committed to delivering growth and productivity for its clients. Jill’s expertise comes from 25+ years as an executive serving both the private and public sector across a broad range of product and service industries. Acting in business, marketing and strategy leadership roles, Jill specialized in successfully leading start-ups, turnarounds and other growth initiatives. People say Jill has a unique ability to simplify complexity and deliver results. Described as a “catalyst”, Jill helps organizations create an aligned vision of the future, a clear plan to get there and the processes to ensure successful execution.

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