The 180 Rule for Accountability

Accountability is the difference between remarkable results and ordinary outcomes. The 180 Rule delivers a simple, yet profound process for unleashing our brain’s primitive tendencies and turning them into powerful problem solvers. “The 180 Rule for Accountability” reveals just how easy it is to amp up accountability and produce powerful results.

About Nancy Bartlett

Nancy Powell Bartlett is a practitioner at heart. Her clients declare that she is highly effective in working with organizational leaders because she has served in that very capacity herself – over two decades leading internal teams in organizations. She has done what you do: led high impact teams through the discovery of real world solutions with real-world organizational results. She hasn’t just talked about it … she has done it! Nancy’s expertise is in organizational culture and change management. Nancy is a consultant and speaker engaging and energizing thousands of people at local, national and international conferences and events. Whether working with small or large organizations, her results in leading teams translate perfectly into her role as President of The Bartlett Alliance. She has authored a number of articles on accountability and organizational culture change. The Bartlett Alliance partners with organizations and their people to recognize their potential, develop perspective and elevate their performance.

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