The 180 Rule for the Art of Connecting

The 180 Rule for Connecting” is about your perspective. How do you view others as it relates to communication? We all tend to view life from our own perspective which is directly related to our personality style and our view of human behavior. We expect others to behave as we do. Do you prefer small talk? If so, you would assume the other person would respond likewise. Do you make decisions quickly? So should the other. This is not the case as we have experience many times. This book is about improving your effectiveness for every new connection you make. Let’s step out of our own view of life and try to observe the other person’s preference. That will lead to success!

About Stu Schlackman

After more than 30 years in corporate sales, Stu Schlackman created his own training firm dedicated to Superior Sales Results. Leveraging his competitive nature for winning, Schlackman’s firm focuses on training and coaching sales and service teams to turn them into top performers. Before starting his own company, Schlackman was instrumental in increasing revenue and growing the client base of large corporations such as Capgemini, EDS, and the former Digital Equipment Corporation. Stu is passionate about designing sales training initiatives that bring immediate results. These initiatives powered his sales teams to exceed sales projections on an average of more than 30% percent annually. Today, Schlackman uses his Sales Intelligence System to help companies build high performance teams and increase sales through understanding the four different personality styles as defined in his Personality Perspectives Process. Knowing the client’s personality will help sales professionals close business by understanding why they make decisions. The foundation of personality styles emphasizes what the person values, how they prefer to communicate, how they make decisions and what will motivate them to take action. As author of Don’t Just Stand There, Sell Something and Four People You Should Know, Schlackman imparts wisdom, technique, and practical advice for corporate executives, sales professionals, corporate trainers, and others who have the desire to compete and win in business and life.

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