The 180 Rule for Innovation

Innovation is not a mystery. It is ingrained in the human spirit. Yet, when we go to work, we are often asked to hang up our innovative spirit at the door along with our coat. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We have a responsibility to create the conditions for innovation in our organizations, not simply to commercialize products, but to allow everyone to express and grow ideas that customers value. It is the natural power and energy of ideas from everyone that will ensure the health and relevance of your organization.

The 180 Rule for Innovation” summarizes Bud Taylor’s experience of more than 35 years working with marquee organizations around the world to build their innovation capability.

About Bud Taylor

Bud Taylor has become a global guru in Innovation. He writes, speaks, and consults on innovaton to clients such as: Whirlpool, Microsoft, Sony, Toyota, Canadian Pacific and Korea Telecom. Bud developed his ideas about innovation while working in executive positions with Watson Wyatt (now Towers Watson), Synovate (now Ipsos) and as a Partner with Deloitte. Bud has published many of his ideas in his award winning book: Customer Driven Change.

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