The 180 Rule for Getting RESULTS Faster

Are you struggling with gaining clarity on your goals (personal or professional)? Can’t seem to focus on them? Do you have trouble executing the small daily things you need to do in order get the results you want? In this book, world renowned strategist, thought leader and author, Tony Jeary – The RESULTS Guy™, helps you to gain better clarity, focus and execution strategically.

For over 20 years, Tony Jeary has been helping others achieve valuable results. He has helped hundreds of the world’s top CEOs, thousands of individuals who have attended his personal presentations, and millions of people who have read his books and studied his teachings move to higher levels – both personally and professionally. He does this through his Strategic Acceleration methodology, which is a simple, strategic thought process that transforms thoughts, lives, and careers, and increases effectiveness.

About Tony Jeary

Tony is often referred to as The RESULTS Guy™, strategist, author, and thought leader. He coaches the most accomplished people in the world, including presidents of: TGI Friday’s, Texaco, American Airlines, HP, Samsung, and New York Life. Tony practices his business mantra, “Give Value ... Do More Than is Expected,” as he coaches, speaks, and facilitates strategy sessions for his special clients. Tony works from his private Studio on his estate in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where he lives with his wife of over 20 years and his two teenage daughters, with whom he has also co-authored.

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