The 180 Rule for Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching involves building on strengths and developing strategies to fix weaknesses or areas of opportunity.

The 180 Rule provides a professional, non-threatening way to identify areas of opportunity in a highly participative way.

This book provides the details for more effective Leadership Coaching using The 180 Rule.

Al Lucia – The 180 Rule from Jobbing America on Vimeo.

About Al Lucia

Al Lucia CSP is a nationally known speaker, consultant and author who specializes in the people side of business. Al has utilized the 180 Rule in his presentations and workshops for several years and his clients have found value in the concept. It has been especially effective when seeking maximum team involvement in solving a problem or reaching an objective. Both large and small companies benefit from his down to earth, no nonsense “Street Savvy” approach and the 180 Rule fits perfectly. Any one of the ten books Al Lucia has written connects with the 180 Rule showing its broad based application and universal value. One more thing… Al and Rich are brothers who have consulted with each other throughout their careers. They have pooled their talent and experience and now want to share this creative and successful 180 Rule concept.

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Every organization has a couple of naysayers even at the very top of the organization. They are not troublemakers, just hard to convince of certain things. This can especially be the case when it comes to the people side of the business. So … The 180 Rule has been used to gain consensus with subjects […]