The 180 Rule for Newly Promoted Leaders

Skilled and engaged leaders are critical to the success of any organization, but often companies fail when they prepare to promote an internal candidate into a new leadership role. Whether it is an individual contributor who is promoted to a supervisory role or a successful leader who is promoted into a more challenging role, too often these people do not succeed in spite of their prior track record The 180 Rule for Newly Promoted Leaders is an effective tool to provide insights, priorities and direction for determining the most effective steps to ensure that your newly promoted leaders are successful.

About Kathleen Taylor-Gadsby

Kathleen Taylor-Gadsby is currently President of KTG Consulting, LLC whose mission is to Inspire People to Be Their Best Selves. Believing that everyone has great potential, her individual coaching and workshops focus on unleashing the participants’ talents so they can achieve their personal and professional goals in a way that is true to who they are. Kathleen works in two primary areas: coaching leaders-in-transition and strengths-based team building. Kathleen’s specialties include coaching, facilitation, speaking, talent management, and team building. Former positions include Vice President Human Resources; Vice President Diversity and Recruiting; Sr Director Field HR; and Director Training. She has also been a speaker and facilitator for conferences such as the Texas Diversity Council, National Restaurant Show, Multi-Unit Food Service Operators, Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers and Washington Restaurant Association.

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