The 180 Rule for Powerful Presentations

What if there was a way to tap into your existing tendencies, not only to avoid giving a presentation, but to embrace your skills and strengths so your voice is heard and valued throughout your organization or project?

The 180 Rule is the vehicle to connect us to an innovative methodology that successfully leverages a natural phenomenon inherent in us all. Since the late 1940’s, studies have been conducted that explore a fascinating behavioral trait called the Negativity Bias.

Using these findings as a foundation, “The 180 Rule for Powerful Presentations” applies a process that allows you to present powerfully from the lectern, at a meeting, in your volunteer opportunity, or as president of an organization.

Listen to this great radio interview Karen had with Jim Blasingame of The Small Business Advocate. Karen discusses The 180 Rule and how it can prepare you to deliver a fantastic presentation.

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About Karen Cortell Reisman

Karen Cortell Reisman would have been her high school's valedictorian, if it were not for a B in Home Economics due to lumpy blueberry muffins. But she hasn’t stopped speaking since. For over 20 years, as president of Speak For Yourself®, she has worked with many professionals, corporations and associations on how to "Speak For Yourself" to make more money. She also presents a keynote about her cousin Albert Einstein in a message about hope, resilience, and brassieres.

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